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Contract Disputes

Many Contract disputes start because the parties had a different interpretation of the Contract terms.

We can help at the beginning of the business transaction, real estate purchase/sale and before construction starts to minimize disputes.

We will review any draft Contract you have received, review with you what you want, the terms of the draft Contract, which terms are contrary to your best interests and how they can be revised. Our attorneys can help negotiate more favorable, clearer terms for you. In the alternative, we can draft the Contract.

We can also help if you already are disputing certain terms with another party.

Once the dispute starts, it often causes emotions between the parties to stand in the way of a resolution. We can analyze the facts, give you our opinion of your options to reach a resolution and help you achieve that resolution. Sometimes the resolution can be achieved by discussions/negotiations with the other party or their attorney. If these negotiations fail to achieve the result you want, we may recommend mediation or filing a Complaint with the appropriate Court. Filing a Complaint allows the parties to use discovery to uncover all the facts/documents related to the dispute.

To prepare for your first meeting with us, please bring all drafts, documents and written communications with the other party(s).