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Estate Planning

COVID-19 Legal Thoughts

COVID-19 and Looking Ahead

Now that we have entered Phase 2 of the COVID-19 reopening, it feels like we are coming out of a long winter. COVID 19 has forced many people to recognize the importance of planning ahead. Instituting things such as Powers of Attorney and succession planning for businesses while you are healthy make for less headaches in the future.

Estate Planning- for your future

I recently gave a talk—titled “Planning for Your Future: Powers of Attorney, Wills and Probate”—to a group of approximately sixty people, and answered questions throughout. That hour was a wake-up call for some members of the audience regarding these important planning issues

Probate Litigation

Is someone you know involved in a family dispute after a parent has died? Over a Will? Family land? A family business? In legal terms, these are probate disputes. The usual trigger for a probate dispute is an unmet expectation of one or more of the beneficiaries.